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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 16, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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me. >> you think so? >> sean: i think so. >> people are angry but they don't know what -- >> >> sean: greta is next. have a great night. >> greta: if you think the democrats have problems, you heard what is going on with the republicans tonight. is senator demint one of the chief instigators? we went to capitol hill to get the inside story. nice to see. >> good to be with you. >> greta: what is going on in your party? we hear about the meeting yesterday among the senate republicans. seems like a little dissention. >> no the primaries are over. i've never seen us more united. >> greta: senator brown was complaining that there was not enough attention paid to the moderate conservatives. >> well, we are united now. obviously, some mixed signals after the last primary. but greta, we are united behind a positive slate of
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candidates. i've never been more excited about people coming in. they are believing on less spending, less debt, let government take overs. things that americans are saying. i think we are going to have an earthquake election in november. because only the republicans are going to be speaking for this vast group of americans who want to top this nonsense. >> greta: are you so cheerful about it or so happy because you are sort of winning? you hit the right numbers in a lot of these races in terms of your endorsements. so it is easy for you to be happy. the guys supporting representative castle in delaware they may not feel as jubilant as you do. >> it is not unusual after primaries to have your feelings hurt. i'm supporting everyone on the republican ticket i know mitch mcconnell is and john cornyn. our whole party is. we are out working. christine o'donnell raised over a million dollars in the last 24 hours.
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america is with her. it is going to be an interesting election. >> greta: she needs delaware to be with her. you endorsed her. how much did you vet her ahead of time? >> i talked with her a lot. i know that she is gonna vote for a balanced budget. repealing obamacare. term limits. getting rid of earmarks. what i'm concerned about what she is going to do when she gets here. i know, mike castle is a good friend and great man. we are not going to appeal to america with republicans who supported a lot of obama, pelosi agenda. if we are running with mike castle and arlen specter and crist there's not going to be the energy we see number if you are running with a pat toomey and marco rubio and rand paul and sharron angle, we've got a great slate of candidates that i think reflect where america is.
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we've got common sense conservatives, who are gonna win in every state they are running. there's not a state that we don't have a chance to win now. >> greta: have you spoken to her since she won? >> i did speak to her the night she won. >> greta: what did you say? >> congratulations, i'm proud of you. honored to be a small part of it and looking forward to calling you senator. we are going to do everything we can to help. we put her on yesterday. she raised a million on her site. i'm gonna raise money for her all the way up to the end. if she has the money to get out her message, she is going to win. >> greta: apparently -- what is your relationship with senator cornyn now? you have been on a different side of this election. >> he's a great friend and great part of a good leadership team here in washington. we were on different sides of primaries. we agreed all the way through
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that good competitive primaries are good for the party. americans need to know that republicans are offering different choices so they can have the pick they want. but the primaries are over. john cornyn and i we are on the same team. he's leading our senate committee. and i'm 100% behind him. >> greta: there's a quote -- i don't want to get this wrong. you are interested -- what happened? >> i was convoying talking to businesses. a lot of businesses this quote came from a group of obama supporters in chicago. i was talking about raising money for republicans around the country. they said if you can keep our tax rates the same the best thing could happen out of this next congress is two years of gridlock. what they were telling me is we need certainty and predictability. we don't need to be guessing every week what the federal government going to do. if i know what my tax rate is going to be and the government is not going to pass anything
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that is going to hurt me, we can invest and hire people. right now they don't know what is going to happen next week with this administration. i don't want gridlock. that's not what i worked for. i certainly don't want a congress that is on some kind of rampage of trying to micromanage our economy. >> greta: you have gotten a lot of attention. a lot of endorse s have been successful. everyone is asking, i'm going to ask are you going to run for president in 2012? looks like you are breaking away from the party a little. >> people can't stand it i might be doing something good for the country. >> greta: is that a no? >> no intentions, no plans. i don't want to think past 2010 -- past 2010 right now >> greta: any thoughts on who you think would be the nominee. tell me your guess. >> i'm not sure we know that person yet. you know, i've been a fan of mitt romney for a long time. sarah palin i think is great.
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newt gingrich has possibilities. i want someone like governor christie who tells it like it, a lot of fight. i'm looking for a combination of ronald reagan and winston churchill. that have the persuasiveness of reagan someone like churchill who is gonna say we are going to get through this, but it going to take some blood, sweat and tears. we don't need any more nonsense that the federal government is going to pay your mortgage and fill your tank with gas. i think americans know better than that now. >> greta: in is a great time. >> it is. i've been down over the last couple of years. right now i'm optimistic and i see the power shifting to the american people. they are going to shake this place up. and i'm going to have some people here to work with the next time. >> greta: much more of our interview with senator demint. check out the entire interview on >> do you think the democrats are sitting back loving the rumors about republican infighting? what about those midterm elections.
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rick santorum joins us live. senator demint says they've all come together. it is kumbaya. i bet the democrats love this. >> sure they are looking for something to take the republicans off their game. what happened in delaware was a big upset. it plays into their narrative that these crazies are out there and you have to be afraid of them. what happened was, a moderate to liberal republican, in a state that normally elects moderate to liberal republicans, elected a conservative. elected someone who has been out there a long time. i know christine o'donnell, i've known her for years. she's been out there working for organizations that are strong conservative organizations. very much movement conservative types of groups. she has been a candidate before in delaware. which is a moderate to even liberal state. she never fared well. guess what? things have changed.
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>> greta: it is a wake-up call to your party. and it is not just delaware. you have seen it in alaska, utah. you've seen it for the republican nomination for governor in the state of new york. first we watched the democrats sort of get the -- >> it is very interesting. what happened in '06 and '08, george bush energized the hard-core base of the democratic party. as a result, gut a lot of very left wing democrats. you didn't see the media talk about how left the democratic party had gone. when barack obama went to the left of hillary clinton not easy to do. they went hard left. what barack obama's done is the opposite of what george bush did. he has energized not just i would say the conservatives in the republican party but a group who were not involved with anybody, any party, because of his attacks on the
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basic american principles of limited government. >> greta: is there anything he could do to help his party between now and midterms? we are moving up on it quickly. >> what he could do so far is not going to do. he could embrace an extension of the bush tax cuts. and not raise taxes on anybody. >> greta: how does he do that and save face? it looks totally political. he's been so adamant about it. adamant when he ran for president this was not going to happen. how does it not look so political? >> he's said he's willing to negotiate chait. i think he's going to -- negotiate. he may have a hard time on a straight up or down vote on the tax reductions. if you are going to lose you might as well join the other side before you lose in this case, he needs to show that he's not dogmatic and won't
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listen to the american public. american public is speaking loudly. you saw the numbers in delaware over twice as many that normally vote in a primary. more voted for christine o'donnell than normally vote in the whole primary this is more than just the republican primary this is a big move in this country. it is very frustrating with this president and the way he's governing. he could do himself, his party and those in tough races, a big favor by joining some of these democrats have gotten the message and extending these tax cuts. >> greta: what do you think the conversation would be like with president obama, nancy pelosi and harry reid? what are they saying to each other? >> well they know they are in -- right now i think they are just -- they are in shock. >> greta: are they blaming each other? >> i'm sure they are looking at the president and blaming him. i'm convinced of that. that the president has not governed responsibly. the president has not led responsibly.
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he's been shrill. he's been extreme in the way he's governed. yeah i think they are going to blame him. because he hasn't energized the base. they are going to blame him because he didn't do some of the liberal things like closing gitmo and energize their base. i think he's going to get blamed from both sides. that's why i think he has no choice except to go with what seems to be the flow now and extend the tax reductions, before the election. >> greta: it is fascinating. americans have given both parties a little hell sending a message. >> i would say something to castle and murkowski. as a conservative, many times i was asked if a liberal or moderate won in a republican primary, gout to put your differences aside and endorse that moderate person. did and many other conservatives have done so over the years. it is time for them to endorse the candidate who beat them and get on the team and move
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forward for the country. >> greta: there's a press conference tomorrow with lisa murkowski. thank you. are we being had? did you hear what is going on now on capitol hill? we ask senator mccain, next. >> is the united states economy about to implode? you won't like senator judd gregg's answer. hes go on the record. plus the alleged crime of the century is there any evidence? we are talking about seat belt gate.
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. >> greta: earlier senator mccain went back on the record. nice see you -- nice to see you. more fun to win isn't it? >> i've done both. i prefer winning. >> big news in delaware. strupbed? seems like a lot of republicans are stun -- are you stunned? seems like a lot of republicans are stunned by the news. >> i don't know stunned. certainly surprised. mike castle had won a large number of elections. he had been a popular governor. of course, this was a true grass roots kind of a situation where people were expressing in my view their frustration with washington and everything ha associated with it. i -- i faced the same thing in
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my primary and the general. >> greta: there was a lot of talk that democrats didn't realize there were a lot of unhappy americans out there. they were surprised by the town hall meetings and scott brown. seems like the republicans are getting a shake-up that americans are a little unhappy. >> yes. pork which used to be a good thing has turned poisonous. i think anybody who thinks that incumbency and past service will qualify them for reelection are making a mistake. >> greta: it feels like a different time. >> more different than anything i've ever seen. it is based obviously in the frustration and anger which is bred by these harsh economic times. people in my state, i can't tell you how badly they are hurting. then you hear summer of
10:17 pm
recovery. things are getting better. and feel better because it could have been worse. oh really? there's real anger and frustration out there. it is being fan mess -- manifested across the board at republicans as well as democrats. >> greta: big issue the bush tax cuts. your position on extending them to everybody or to some? >> well, first of all, we shouldn't raise anybody's taxes in this kind of a recession. second of all, a lot of those people we're talking about rich, over $250,000 are small business owners. half of the income of small businesses, half their income would be taxed under this extension of the tax cuts. which really would not be tension of the tax cuts it would be an obama tax increase. >> greta: i guess the thing
10:18 pm
that distresses me as a taxpayer is the fact, it feels like it is getting shoved at us. whether you are for it or against it as we come on election day. we feel like, at lost i do, like i've been had. it is not like a surprise this could have been debated with great thought rather than being pushed up against election. political rather than substantive to help the country, no matter which way it goes. >> everything around here now is totally political. they are trying to put provisions on the defense authorization bill. something we never did before last year when they put hate crimes on. harry reid says he's going to put the dream act on the defense authorization bill. everything being done around here is political. all it does is increase the incredible cynicism level in washington -- out in the countryside about washington, because where are the people's views? all they are talking about is
10:19 pm
trying to gain some kind of political advantage because of their difficult situation they find themselves in. i want to emphasize one other thing. don't take anything for granted. we will celebrate after the election results are in. please, let's not anticipate a great victory and let's give the american people a positive agenda they can support. i was pleased that kelly ayotte's election, very narrow victory. >> greta: next more with senator mccain. he goes on the record about his former running mate and the power of palin. >> plus uh-oh, has it gotten to her? is first lady obama call living in the white house hell? a report coming up. ♪
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>> greta: continuing with senator mccain. he went on the record with the palin effect on this week's elections. >> last tuesday night she showed she can have an impact on an election particularly in a smaller state. where you can galvanize a real good turn-out. there were not a lot of votes in delaware tuesday night as
10:23 pm
compared with other states. there's no doubt that sarah palin has a tremendous effect on elections. she doesn't win them all. everybody knows it matters. >> greta: can christine o'donnell win in delaware? i saw an interview with her with carl cameron. even karl rove said that is not going to be a republican seat. she said no one thought i could win this. basically look out, i can win the general. you think she has a shot at winning? >> i think she will do nothing but go up between now and the election. whether she can win the election or not, i'm not sure about that. i don't think there's any doubt if she can pull off a surprise in the primary as she did. i would watch out for her in the general. >> greta: you mentioned the defense authorization act. senator reid is going to put on don't ask, don't tell. you put the brakes on it. i'll let you speak for yourself. what is your position on this?
10:24 pm
>> let me try to be very clear. i'm not opposed to the repeal of don't ask, don't tell. it is a law that has been in for 17 years. we need to study the effect on battle effectiveness and morale, before we orchestrate an act of repeal. because it really is an important issue, given the different nature of the military in their lives and the way they serve this . all four service chiefs, all four have said we need to conduct this thorough study that i am supportive of, before we repeal don't ask, don't tell. unfortunately, the president of the state made a commitment to the guy and lesbian community now he has -- to the gay and lesbian community now has the join chiefs of staff saying let's study how best to repeal it not the effect.
10:25 pm
>> greta: has that study been accomplished? >> no. because they are worried about their election results in november, is rush this through. in other words, go ahead and say, the study has to be completed on how to implement it and then only the president, the secretary of defense and the chairman of joint chiefs staff would sign off on it, cutting out all four service chiefs who are opposed to a repeal against a -- unless a complete study done this is a serious mistake. by the way harry reid is piling on to it, no secret holds on bills and the dream act on a defense authorization bill. why? because of his political agenda. >> greta: dream act is for immigration -- >> for people who came here as children. >> it may have merits or demerits depending on how you look at it. to put it on a defense bill? it is his effort to get
10:26 pm
reelected. he's doing that at the expense of this legislation, which is about the men and women who are serving in the military. really remarkable. >> greta: it has always been done that way you put different topics in. you a bill so you shove every topic unrelated on . think the american people are seeing it doesn't make sense. a defendant bill should be about defense issues. education should be about education. i'm surprised that there isn't more backlash when things get pasted on that are dissimilar. have two bills but not the same bill and paste it on. >> for many years we never put any extraneous item on the bill because it was so important to defense and we didn't allow it. starting last year carl 11 and harry reid put hate crimes on it, which had nothing to do with it. this year they are continuing that. what is going to happen over time it is going to be like the other authorization bills, they are not gonna go anywhere
10:27 pm
that's terrible because there's the policies that care for the men and women serving in the military. so it is very clea this with all seriousness, harry reid and carl levin have put their political agenda ahead of the welfare of the men and women serving today. >> greta: senator, that you. hope i come back -- thank you, hope i come back soon. next is the united states speeding towards an economic implosion? can we stop it? senator judd gregg is next. what does sarah palin say about her daughter bristol going on "dancing with the stars?" is the governor ready to make an appearance in los angeles? she tells you, coming up. [ male announcer ] over a century ago, gottlieb daimler wrote four words
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>> greta: rain senator judd gregg lets -- republican senator judd gregg lets us all have it between the eyes.
10:31 pm
he has ideas how -- went on the record on capitol hill. nice to see you. >> great to be back. thanks for having me on. >> greta: we always like talking money with you. >> we don't have much money. we are out of money. simple. >> greta: we'll talk about what we don't have then. you have been talking about putting a cap on discretionary spending. what is discretionary spending? >> a third of the government. the rest of the government is entitlement spending and interest on the debt. entitlement spending is what people have a right to. veteran, you have a right to certain payments. discretionary is money which the government makes a decision every year to spend whether it education, defense, laying out building roads. that's all discretionary. we don't necessarily have to spend it we make a decision to spend it and it represents 30% of the budget.
10:32 pm
>> greta: you want to put a cap on increasing it? >> absolutely. we are running a 1.4 trillion dollar deficit. we've got to control spending not only on the entitlement side also on the discretionary side. it compounds quickly if you spend $10 today to do a program, which is discretionary, next year you are going to spend that $10 plus you are going to add something more and it builds on itself and it compounds quickly. in the context of total federal budget if you only save 10 billion dollars is a lot of money. if you save 10 billion dollars which is isn't perceived as a lot in the budget of three trillion. the next year it is going to be 10 billion plus another three billion. then 13 plus another flee billion. it adds up quickly. if you can control discretionary spending you can get significant controls over ing in general. >> greta: how was that received? >> not well.
10:33 pm
-- >> greta: secretary of state clinton talked about how our debt is a national security issue this is not just parties fighting against each other. this is a serious problem. >> huge. our debt is not only gonna undermine the prosperity of our children because they are going to have a lower standard of living. it is going to undermine our country's capacity to be secure because we are not going to have the type of economic strength we need to support a strong national defense or international policy. so, we have to get this debt under control. discretionary spending is one of the things we should do i think we should cut it 2% every year for the next five years. at the minimum we should freeze it at last year's spending levels and carry that freeze forward. >> greta: i don't know anybody in-house, senate or the executive branch, who doesn't think that the debt is a serious problem. why can't -- everyone says it is horrible.
10:34 pm
our deficit is horrible. how come we can't get anybody to do something? >> politics. it is easier to spend money to get people to vote for you than to say to somebody getting a program i'm sorry we are not going to give you as big an increase as expected. politics of the next election. congress' are good at dealing with maybe trying to make a political statement but not good when they have to take that political statement down to specifics. when you go from 30,000 feet to the ground level. when you say i want to reduce spending in generalized term. then you get into the specifics congress doesn't do a good job. >> greta: based on what you say, if congress can't do a good job and spending is effective tool for politicians and if they add every year and if the national debt is creating national security problems, at some point it seems we are going to implode. >> that's what is going to happen. >> greta: any idea when that
10:35 pm
is going to happen and what it is going to mean? >> sooner rather than later. >> greta: in my lifetime? >> long before that i think we are on a track now where we are going to be in a greek-like situation within five to self . where the international community looks at the size of our deficits and debt and says you can pay these off. >> greta: what does that mean? then what? >> well, two or three things happen and they are all bad. you have to inflate the currency in order to payoff your debts with inflated dollars. which means that everybody's standard of living goes down and savings eroded. you have to dramatically increase taxes. which means people are going to lose jobs because it going to slow the economy. or a default situation which i don't think would happen. >> greta: what happens if we default? >> we can't borrow money the next day. >> greta: china says no more. >> that says no more. the next day when you have to
10:36 pm
meet your bill and you don't have the money in your cash flow pay you have to borrow, somebody is going to say we are not giving you any more money because you just defaulted or the interest rate is going to be so high it is going to be unsustainable. within 10 years under the obama plan interest on the debt which is a payment to china by the way, which we get no benefit from, whoever is lending us money, will be the biggest item in the federal budget. bigger than national defense. 800 billion dollars. >> greta: nice to see you. lots of big news in your home state. >> we are going to have an interesting election. we have strong candidates. the person going to succeed me hopefully, kelly ayotte talented individual i'm excited. >> greta: where going to miss you here in washington. >> i hope you will still talk toe me >> greta: i will. -- to me. >> greta: i will. if you haven't been on our new
10:37 pm
facebook page check it out and then click on the like button. we will see you there. >> bill: laura ingraham and charles krauthammer disagree on the obama factor in delaware. is mcdonald's causing heart attacks? a new ad says it is. >> greta: o'reilly is at 11 west are live until the top of the hour. did you hear about the on the record scandal. the seat belt-gate. we have the whole story, minutes away. >> first, former fbi agent missing in iran. something important has happened. the missing man's daughter is here, next. hey, lawrence, my parents want to talk to you.
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[ male announcer ] 306 horsepower. race-inspired paddle shifters. and f-sport-tuned suspension. all available on the new 2011 lexus is. it isn't real performance unless it's wielded with precision. >> greta: there's much more ahead. but first to our new york newsroom where marianne rafferty is standing by with the headlines. >> reporter: parts of new york city cleaning up after a dead rush hour storm knocking down trees and powerlines and ripping roofs off of building. one person was kill. reports of numerous minor injuries. commuter train service was halted for a time. records of a tornado touching down has not been confirmed.
10:42 pm
poverty in america is rising to its highest level since the 60s. the census bureau reporting that poverty among u.s. families rose to 14.3% last year about 1 in 7 people. recession-related job losses being blamed for boosting the number of people without health coverage to nearly 51 million. mississippi had the highest poverty rate at 23%. new hampshire had lowest. i'm marianne rafferty. now back to "on the record." >> greta: former fbi agent robert levinson is missing in iran. on the record has filed this disturbing story since march 9th, 2007 when the former agent was last seen. he was on a business trip to an iranian island and vanished. sarah levinson is the missing man's daughter she joins us live with a message to the iranian government. good evening sarah? >> good evening greta, that you -- thank you for having me
10:43 pm
>> greta: i keep hoping when you come you -- we are talking about good news. what is the message you have tonight for the iranian government? >> i'm just hoping they are able to help us, which i know they have the power to fan my father and bring him home in time for my wedding which is nine days away. >> greta: in terms of whether or not your father is alive, do you have any indication that he is? or has there been just an absence of information? >> we've received e-mails to our website which indicate people may have seen him. so we are hopeful. i believe in my heart that he's still alive. >> greta: your mother has made at least one trip iran. she has asked to speak to ahmadinejad. i take it that has never happened, right? >> she has requested it again for his upcoming visit, yes, it has not happened.
10:44 pm
>> greta: he will be in the united states next week. your wedding is in nine days. has you, your mother, any family had any contact with the iranians to indicate they are in any way willing to talk to you or provide you with any information? >> we have not received any information about my father that's why i'm here today to plead with the iranian government that they do have the power to help. i just beg them, the wedding is in nine days. i cannot bear to imagine that day without my father walking me down the aisle. >> greta: for our new viewers who don't know what happened. take me back to march of '07. what was your father doing? what is the last thing you know about what was going on? >> he was investigating cigarette smuggling. on his way to the airport he disappeared that's all i know. we have not have any information from that point. >> greta: he's former fbi. he was not in the fbi. this was a civilian job.
10:45 pm
he left the fbi? >> right, he was retired 10 years. >> greta: what was peculiar about his disappearance it was thought that he met with a man who is accused of being involved in a murder in broad daylight outside washington a number of years back, is that right? >> that's right. >> greta: has anyone spoken to that man to ask, you are the last person to see bob levin son what happened? >> i'm not sure. i'm here just asking for anyone who has information on my father to come forward in time for him to be home for my wedding. i'm not sure of the details. >> greta: have you -- there was an american hiker just released. has your family contacted her family any insight, guidance to deal with the iranians on how to get information? >> not yet, but i'm sure we will reach out in the future. we want them to enjoy her release. >> greta: it is so hard for people to understand what the pain of not knowing is.
10:46 pm
your mother has been here. i've spoken to other members of your family. almost everyday you hear some information. there has been nothing for 3 1/2 years. is there any way to describe how horrible it is? >> it is so hard to wake up everyday and hope for any kind of information or anything. every phone call i get, every missed call from someone in my family i'm hopeful it is the call he's on his way home or there's more information that will bring him home us to. especially with my wedding nine days away it is bittersweet. i'm looking forward to marrying my best friend. i cannot picture that day -- without my father being there to walk me down the aisle. >> greta: it is indeed horribly tragic and my heartbreaks for you and your family.
10:47 pm
i guess at lost you have the support of a great family. >> i do. >> greta: i know they've all been working hard to get your father back. i suspect, i don't know your father, i suspect your father would want you to make the best of this day and start your new life and not be sort of tied down by the sadness that lingers over your family. >> i'm still very hopeful. there's only -- there are nine days. and i believe in miracles. so i believe there is still a chance that he will be home in time for my wedding. i'm praying for that everyday. >> greta: ahmadinejad is going to be in the united states in a matter of days. maybe it will be that miracle. maybe a sense of decency to get your family information that you desperately need and should have. sarah, that you and good luck with your wedding. >> that you so much. >> greta: next, the best of the rest. did she say it or didn't she? a new book quotes the
10:48 pm
first lady as describing white house life as hell. that story is next. >> my inbox has been closing over seat belt-gate. it comes back to our interview with marco rubio. full expose say is minutes away. ♪ just one bite opens a world of delight... ♪ ♪ with tasty grilled flavor and goodness to savor ♪ ♪ friskies grillers blend. ♪ feed the senses.
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>> greta: here is the best of
10:52 pm
the rest. admit you are anxious for bristol palin's big debut on "dancing with the stars." will governor sarah palin visit her reality star daughter? >> she says mom, just pray that i don't get voted off on the first night. because it is really fun and i want you to come and watch. we said okay i'm going to pray you don't get voted off the first night. and i'm texting her and saying. by the way, we hear the dance crew she and the other folks dancing she there with one of my friends babysitting tripp. i said tripp is saying on rodeo drive in l.a. can we drive the motor home and park on rodeo drive? here come the palins! she texts me back and says sure mom and there's lawn chairs out by the pool, i'm sure you can sleep in the lawn chairs. good and probably free packets of sugar at the local starbucks we are going to see
10:53 pm
ya! >> greta: ihop is suing ihop over trademark infringement. the international house of pancakes going to court again the international house of prayer also known as ihop. the restaurant says the church is taking advantage of its acronym and apparently the 10-year-old church has refused to stop using the trademark even throw the restaurant chain has been using the initials for almost 40 years. we'll see if pancakes are submitted as evidence. >> here's a tip for stupid criminals of if you are i am personing an officer do not pull over a real officer. a 35-year-old man in new york decided to does up like a dea agent get in his car and pull over a stranger. only problem, the man he pulled over was a real detective. an off-duty detective. the fake agent quickly left when he realized he was dealing with an actual officer. the police nabbed the man at his house a few hours later.
10:54 pm
he was charged with criminal impersonation and released. >> it is time to clear my name. last night after our campaign van interview with marco rubio, seat belt-gate erupted. my inbox exploded with e-mails accusing me of not wearing my seat belt. time set the record straight, with evidence. exhibit a, you can see in this picture that sash-like item over my shoulder is a seat belt. my seat belt was security fastened. for those of how believe in conspiracy theories we encourage you to analyze the pictures. >> a new book quotes first lady michelle obama saying some very negative things about her job. did she say it or didn't she? the ladies of the view are talking about it. >> in the new book carla the ambitious written in collaboration with french
10:55 pm
first lady she claims she asked michelle obama about being first lady of the u.s. and she replied, don't ask it is hell, i can't stand it. the first lady could have been joking and being sarcastic. when you have private conversations, some need to stay private conversations. we don't need to know everything that is going on with two people who are talking. i that i is such a betrayal of a confidence. >> also, this could be not true. don't assume what she is writing is true. you are sitting there thinking i can't believe -- she may not have even mouthed those words. >> to think that you would come out and lie about something that the first lady of the united states would say -- >> money and book. >> greta: for the record mrs. obama and the french first lady say the story is bogus. there you have it. the best of the rest. still ahead, hidden message during president obama's
10:56 pm
back-to-school speech that we must have missed. stay tuned. ♪ [ male announcer ] every siness day, bank of america lends billions of dollars, to individuals, institutions, schools, organizations and businesses. ♪ working to set opportunity in motion. bank of america. [ tires screech ] [ enne rving ] [ drums playing ] [ male announcer ] 306 horsepower. race-inspired paddle shifters and f sport-tuned suspension. all available on t new 2011 lexus is. it isn't real performance, unless it's wielded with precision. seeour lexus dear.
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that was the moment of truth. medicare by itself doesn't cover everything. i don't want to spend my life worrying about what would happen if one of us got sick. [ male announcer ] now more than ever, you may be wondering: do i have the right medicare coverage? talk to the health plan experts at securehorizons to get the answers you need. [ woman ] life's too short to worry about health care. i hate to worry. [ male announcer ] in these changing times, the name on your medicare health plan may be more important than ever. choose a company you can depend on. call now. >> greta: time for last call. telling children to stay in school must be good, right? >> president obama spoke to students this week in his back to school address telling young people to dream big, stay focused and stay in school. stay in school. do you know why? because there is no jobs when you get out! just stick there. that is it. there is no jobs. just stay in school.


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